Why Bios Life Air Purifiers are Better than the others

Asia has already started experiencing tell-tale signs of an impending hazy situation. If this does not hit home, think of all the probable health risks this impending haze might impose on your family – your kids, the elderly and yourself.

Many of us do not realise the effects poor quality air has on our bodies, we carry on as normal and only start to think about it when we start to feel ill or when a doctor informs us of a condition which could have arisen due to the Air pollution.

The Bios Life Air (Home Unit) purifiers can protect you and your loved ones from the haze and is and ideal choice for homes and offices. The Bios Life Air’s 3M Filtrete™ Air Filter technology and high quality enables it to trap particles as small as 0.01 microns and eliminating allergens from the air, including smoke, smog and even microscopic particles that can carry bacteria, viruses and odors!

Every household tends to have the latest gadgets such as LED TV’s, Fridge Freezers,  Air Conditioning and now Air Purifiers should be included on that list. The air we breath is CRUCIAL and you can control the quality now better than ever.

Prevention is better than cure.

What Is Bios Life Air Purifier?

Bios Life Air is a high-quality air purifier that uses 3M™ Filtrete™ air filter media technology and high-quality activated carbon filter that enables it to trap particles as small as 0.01 microns and reduce odors such as tobacco and charred/burnt smells.

It significantly reduces the number of airborne smoke/dust particles and unpleasant odors in rooms.

Breathe the difference in air cleaners with Bios Life Air. Its advanced, compact design has twice the clean air delivery rates of equal-sized units, including HEPA and ionizing units.

How does Bios Life Air compare to other air purifiers in the market, which use the popular HEPA filters?

HEPA, which stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, is a US government standard that states an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 microns.

Bios Life Air can filter and remove contaminants as small as 0.01microns — that’s 30 times smaller than the smallest particles HEPA systems can remove!

Bios Life Air’s filter media is uniquely constructed from permanently-charged polypropylene fibers. This unique, patented electret construction enables the media to capture particles throughout the entire media, rather than only the surface. The filter delivers high clean air delivery rate which is twice as effective as equal sized units with HEPA filter media. It also does not support fungal growth and has no fiberglass that can be shed into the air.

Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced design and technology deliver proven performance for home and office environments:
  • Proven effective in reducing micro-particle levels in homes and open and closed office environments by independent testing laboratory.
  • Traps more of the micro particles that could aggravate allergies and irritate respiratory systems.
  • Outperforms all other units in its size class
  • Removes up to 99%* of dust, smoke and pollen, and 98%* of common airborne viruses and bacteria.
  • Twice the clean air delivery rate (CADR) as other tested HEPA units
  • Sound absorbing cushion delivers ultra-quiet operation with high performance filter and ionizer
  • Multi-stage filter traps allergy-aggravating micro particles down to 0.01 microns while reducing unpleasant odors
  • Does not generate ozone chemicals and helps break up the harmful ozone produced by copiers, laser printers and fax machines
  • Helps prevent dust buildup near computers, fax machines and copiers
  • State of the art ionizer revitalizes stale air and increases efficiency
  • Unique shape maximizes performance while minimizing desktop footprint
  • Unlike some HEPA filters, the 3M Filtrete™ filter does not support fungal growth and has no fiberglass that can shed into the air
  • Low power consumption saves on energy costs
  • Extra-long 3-metre cord for placement flexibility
  • Filters a 40m2 room in under 1 hour. ideal for homes and office environments
  • 5 Years Warranty.

So What Next?

There are many Air Purifiers on the market and choosing one can be a tedious task BUT with the Bios Life Air, it shows that it is one of the best units available in the price category. Plus the replacement filters are inexpensive which makes ongoing maintenance lower than many of the others.