Pet Dander and Smells Air Purifier

Air purifiers for Pet Dander

Pet Dander is not pet hair, but rather the dander your cats, dogs, and other mammals produce that becomes airborne and causes allergic symptoms.

Bangkok Flu Season - Bios Life Air Purifier

FLU SEASON is upon us:

Now that we are in the height of cold and flu season, it’s time to defend yourself against the flu virus, starting with your home.

Bangkok Air Quality. Chang the quality with Bios Life Air Purifier

Time For Action: Start Caring About The Air Your Breathe

Thailand is currently suffering from dangerous levels of Air Pollution. Forest fires have sent air quality in nine provinces to a level considered harmful to people’s health, as cities in the North like Chiang Mai registered air quality that was among the world’s worst at almost 296 0n the AQI (Air Quality Index)

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Why Bios Life Air Purifiers are Better than the others

Asia has already started experiencing tell-tale signs of an impending hazy situation. If this does not hit home, think of all the probable health risks this impending haze might impose on your family – your kids, the elderly and yourself.